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This is the current list of activities, it is subject to change and will be updated periodically. Students interested in a particular activity should contact the member of staff or department running the activity for more detailed information.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Break 1 LRC - All Years LRC - All Years LRC - All Years LRC - All Years LRC - All Years
Break 2 LRC - Year 7
Fitness Suite – Members only
All years - Board Game Club, 37
Young Journalist Club, 10
Band, Music Room
Biology Help Club, 17  
LRC - Year 8
Fitness Suite – Members only
Warhammer Club, 26
Elite singers & Trumpets,
Music Room
LRC - Year 9
Fitness Suite – Members only
Composition Club, Music Rm
Y7 & 8 Science Club, 15
LRC - Year 10
Fitness Suite – Members only
Dungeons & Dragons Club, 37
School Choir, Music Room
Chess Club, 43
Y9-13 Physics Helpdesk, 5
LRC - Year 11
Fitness Suite – Members only
Keyboard Club, Music Room
Queer Alliance, 5
After School Homework Club (LRC) til 4.30pm
U18 Football, inc. Y11’s, 3G
Y7 & 8 Rugby, Govs’ 
Homework Club (LRC) til 4.30pm
Y9 & 10 Football, 3G
U18 Volleyball, SH
Homework Club (LRC) til 4.30pm
Y8-13 Basketball, SH
Homework Club (LRC) til 4.30pm
Y7 Football, 3G
Y9, 10 & 11 Rugby, Govs’
Homework Club (LRC) til 4.00pm
Y8 Football, 3G
Y7 Basketball, SH