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The music department at Carre’s comprises of a main teaching classroom and four practice rooms, with the addition of two store cupboards for the storage of instruments.


  • Mrs R Quinton (Head of Music)
  • Mrs K Karamuzondo

Peripatetic Instrumental Tutors

  • Mrs S Quarmby (Piano)
  • Mrs V Carter (Woodwind)
  • Mr C Rogers (Upper Strings)
  • Mr J Swift (Brass)
  • Mr S Smith (Percussion)
  • Mr J Beska (Guitar)


Music taught in a large classroom (equipped with keyboards, computers, Jamhubs, electronic drum-kits and guitars).  We also have four practice rooms equipped with pianos and drum-kits (used by our instrumental teachers and for ensemble work).


The department is resourced with a range of equipment, from pianos that can be found in the teaching room, practice rooms and the grand piano in the Main School Hall, to a number of classical, popular and world music instruments that play an important role in many of the students’ lessons.  We have a wide range of instruments available to students, including electric guitars, bass guitars and drum-kits.  We use JamHubs to allow students to rehearse in ensembles during lessons.

Desktop computers that are equipped with both MIDI keyboards and Sibelius Ultimate can be found in the main teaching room.  The department also holds digital recording equipment and an audio system that is regularly used to capture the work of students and improve on appraisal skills.  The use of technology is very helpful in the development of a range of musical skills including composing, performing, listening and aural perception.

Schemes of Work

Key Stage 3

All Year 7 students study vocal performing, rhythm and drumming and learn to play the keyboard.  All students are taught to read and write music notation.  In Year 8 students extend their skills on the keyboard further and are also given the opportunity to learn to play the guitar.  Students learn composition skills and begin to use computer software to develop their ideas.  Year 9 students are encouraged to play together in ensembles as they develop their own interests in different musical styles.

Key Stage 4

The department follows the Edexcel GCSE Music Specification 1MU0.

Year 10 & 11 students continue to learn more about musical theory alongside their studies.  Students must perform solo and ensemble performance, compose two pieces of music and they study 8 Set-Works from Instrumental Music (1700-1820), Vocal Music, Music for Stage and Screen and Fusion Music.

Key Stage 5

The department offers the Edexcel GCE Music specification (9MU0) as part of the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form consortium.

The A Level course is split into 3 sections: Performing (30%), Composing (30%) and Appraising (40%).  Students must record an 8-12 minute recital, compose a 4-minute piece of music, complete a technical study exercises and study 13 Set-Works from Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Music for Film, Jazz and Popular Music, Fusion Music and New Directions.


We have a very successful School Band and Choir.  We hold at least 2 concerts each year in November and March.  Each year in July we also hold a Giant Orchestra Day in our Sports Hall with over 200 musicians from the local area getting together to perform a variety of orchestral works (please contact school if you would like your child to participate in this).  Our choir regularly visits local Care Homes and we have performed in a local Choir Festival.  We also regularly take our students to concerts and shows in London and Nottingham including the BBC Philharmonic with saxophonist Jess Gillam, ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Chicago’.


Events that we are currently planning for this year include:

  • October 5th: Trip to Nottingham to see BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
  • October 11th: Mayor’s Charity Fundraising Concert (with KSHS)
  • December 12th Christmas Concert
  • March 26th: Spring Concert
  • July 2nd: Giant Orchestra Day