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Charlie Waller Trust Webinars

Free webinars for parents and carers



May webinars from the Charlie Waller Trust are now open for booking.

Want to learn more about your own mental health and how to support others? 

We are now taking bookings for new webinars in our current free series - and we're excited about the wide variety of topics coming up! 


Our webinars in May 2022

Join Dr Christine Curl as she talks to us about sleep and our young people's physical and mental health. Or talk with Alex Cochrane as he explores how we might help a young person to cope with loneliness and find something or someone to connect with.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

To mark this week, why not book to join us as we look at the common questions that arise when supporting young people with eating disorders and normal teenage brain development with parent, author and trainer Jenny Langley!

Our webinars are primarily aimed at parents and carers but are also perfect for young people, youth workers, employers, healthcare workers, psychology students and anyone interested in mental health.


Two teenage girls and a boy sitting on wall and talking


Two teenage girls, one wearing a hijab, smiling and looking at school books


Upcoming webinars

Teen brain and eating disorders

22 March 6pm 

Supporting children and young people: low mood and depression

16 March 12pm 

29 March 6pm

Managing the highs and lows: what our experience taught us

6 April 12pm

18 April 6pm 

Teen brain matters

15 April 12pm

2 May 7pm 

Why sleeping well matters and what you can do to improve it

4 May 12pm

25 May 6pm 

Loneliness: How to support young people 

10 May 12pm 

17 May 6pm



 Charlie Waller Trust

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