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Year 13 Examination Timetable – October/November 2022

Year 13 Examination Timetable – October/November 2022, now available.

  Morning Session
(9am start CGS / KSHS / SGA)
Afternoon Session 
(1.15 pm start CGS/KSHS/SGA)
Monday October 31st Option C - SGA Art (2hrs)
Criminology -2x1hr papers
Media –P1-(2hrs) –room with dvd
Sociology- P1-(2hrs)
Travel & Tourism –U2- (2hrs)
CTEC Health & Social Care –U4 –(2hrs)
CTEC Business- U2- (1hr30m)
Option C – KSHS Biology-Paper 1- (2hrs) Geography- Paper 1-Physical- (2hrs) Textiles- Technical Principles-(2hrs30m) Further Maths- Pure (2hrs) Option C - CGS Business (2hrs)
History (1hr45)
Maths –Pure –(2hrs)
Option B - SGA Criminology- 2x1hr papers
History –P1- (1hr45m)
English Lang & Lit –Paris (1hr10m)
Mathematics-Pure- (2hrs)
CTEC Sport –U1 (1h30m)
CTEC Business- U2- (1hr30m)
French –P1 –(2hrs)- room
Option B - KSHS Business- Paper 1- Theme only- (1hr30m) Chemistry-AS Paper 1& Paper 2-(1hr30m) Psychology –Paper 1- (2hrs) Further Maths – D1 –(1hr30m) Option B – CGS Art (2hrs)
Geography- Physical (1hr45m)
Biology (2hrs)
Ethics & Philosophy –Philosophy- (1hr30)
Music –(2hrs)
Tuesday November 1st Option D - SGA Biology (2hrs)
PE –P1 (2hrs)
Sociology- P1- (2hrs)
CTEC Sport- U1- (1hr30m)
Travel & Tourism –U2- (2hrs)
Option D – KSHS Maths- AS Pure Paper 2-(2hrs)
Psychology-Paper 1-(2hrs)
BTEC App Science-(2hrs15m)
Drama & Theatre –Paper 2-(2hrs)
Option D – CGS English Language (2hrs)
History (1hr45)
Engineering- Principles- (1h30)
Physics (2hrs)
Computer Science (2hrs)
Option A - SGA Art (2hrs)
Graphics – (2hrs)
CTEC Digital Media-U1- (2hrs)
CTEC Business- U2- (1hr30m)
Health & Social Care-U4-(2hrs)
Option A - KSHS English Lit –(1hr15m)
History-Paper 1-USA- (1hr45m)
Psychology-Paper 1-(2hrs)
Physics –Paper 1-(1hr45m)
Option A - CGS Geography-Physical (1hr45m)
Maths- Pure (2hrs)
PE  (2hrs)
Biology  (2hrs)
Chemistry (2hrs)
Wednesday November 2nd Option B - SGA History- P2 -(1hr45m)
English Lang & Lit – Handmaids and Poetry (1hr50m)
Mathematics- Applied (1hr15m)
CTEC Sport –U3 (1hr)
CTEC Business- U15-(1hr30m)
French- P2- (2hrs)
Option B - KSHS Business-Paper 2-(2hrs)
Chemistry-Paper 2-(1hr30m)
Psychology-Paper 2-(2hrs)
Further Maths – Stats/Mech –(2hrs)
Option B – CGS Art (2hrs)
Geography –Human (1hr30)
Biology -  (1hr)
Resistant Materials (2hr30m)
Ethics & Philosophy –Christianity & Dialogues (1hr30)      
Thursday November 3rd Option D - SGA Geography –P2- (2hrs)
PE-P2- (2hrs)
Sociology-P2 (2hrs)
CTEC Sport-U3-(1hr)
Option D – KSHS Maths Applied AS Paper-(75m)

Psychology-Paper 2-(2hrs) Computer Science-Paper 1-(90m)
Option D – CGS English Language (1hr 45)
History (1hr45)
Engineering- Problem Solving (1hr45)
Physics (2hrs)
Option C - SGA Art (2hrs)
Media –P2 –(1hr40)
Sociology-P2 (2hrs)
Health & Social Care-U6-(1hr30m)
CTEC Business- U15-(1hr30m)
Option C – KSHS Biology –Paper 2-(1hr) Geography-Paper 2 Human-(2hrs) Further Maths-AS Core Pure-(1hr40m) CTEC Business- Unit 2-(2hrs) Option C - CGS History (1hr45)
Maths –applied (1hr30)
Friday November 4th Option A – SGA Art (2hrs)
Health & Social Care- U6 – (1hr30m)
CTEC Business- U15-(1hr30m)  
Option A – KSHS English Lit –Paper 1-(2hr15m)
History –Paper 2-War of the Roses-(1hr45m)
Psychology-Paper 2-(2hrs)
Physics – Paper 2-(1hr45m)
Option A – CGS Geography –Human (1hr30m)
Maths –applied (1hr30)
PE (2hrs)
Biology (1hr)
Chemistry (2hrs)
German (2hrs30)


  • Examinations at CGS will take place in the School Hall unless otherwise notified.
  • All examinations at KSHS will take place in the Main Hall unless otherwise notified.
  • All examinations at SGA will take place in the Old Sports Hall.
  • Students need to line up outside the exam venue 15 minutes before the exam start time.

For the courses taken on more than one site, the scheduled exam will take place at the following venues:

  • CGS - Ethics & Philosophy, Spanish, German
  • KSHS - Computer Science, Further Maths
  • SGA - Sociology, French