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In Biology Today .....

Former student Seth, was today's guest speaker  

 Today in biology, we invited a guest speaker to talk to some of the Year 11 and 12 students. 

Seth Parrott left Carre’s in 2019 after finishing his A-levels.  He embarked upon a degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology at the University of Plymouth. 

He talked to students about his experiences whilst on the course and what he is doing now.  He is a master diver and can train other divers, as well as being the skipper of a boat that takes divers out to sea. 

Seth's real interest, however, is crabs and, in particular, a species of vampire crab and being able to breed them in captivity.  He has managed to breed young crabs (ZOEA) to further stages (these are growth stages from egg to juvenile crabs) than anyone else in the world thought was possible.  He has the opportunity to name a species of crab, but this in itself is another 2–3 years’ worth of work away, but such an honour! 

Seth entertained the students with his tales of crabs and other marine life and was a great inspiration to any potential students of marine biology.

Thank you, Seth, for coming to share your experiences - it was great to see you again!