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Year 9 Exam Timetable – March 2022

Year 9 Exam Timetable – March 2022 is now available

  Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5
Monday 7 March    Music (9W) Geography Music (9L) IT (9W) IT (9B)
Tuesday 8 March English IT (9L) Physics French  
Wednesday 9 March   Chemistry   History IT (9C)  
Thursday 10 March   Spanish/German EP   Biology
Friday 11 March  Music (9C) Maths   Music (9B) Technology


  • Exams will take place in normal classrooms except for Music exams which will take place in Room 18.
  • The exams are scheduled to last 45 minutes to accommodate those students with extra time.
  • PE lessons will take place as normal unless an exam is scheduled for that period.