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Terms & Conditions

Members of the Carre’s Grammar School Fitness Suite are asked to follow the terms and conditions of membership:

  1. All members must complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) before using the fitness facility.
  2. All members will be offered a full induction on all fitness machines. If members are not sure how to use any of the machines they must ask a member of staff.
  3. If any member’s medical details change after completing the physical activity readiness questionnaire they must inform a member of the fitness staff immediately.
  4. If any of the fitness staff deem that a member is un-suitable to exercise they will not be allowed to use the facility. Members may be required to seek medical advice before using the facility.
  5. Whilst exercising, if a member feels faint, dizzy or nauseous they must stop exercising immediately. They must then inform a member of the fitness staff. They may find it easier to ask a member of the public to ask for them if they are dizzy etc.
  6. Members of the public are invited on to our school site to join our fitness centre as members. Please be advised that when on site members must not be interacting with our students unless in emergency situations. Please be understanding of the needs of the school and its staff. Members must not act inappropriately towards staff, students and other members. Violent and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  7. Junior members must be a minimum age of 13 years old (year 9 pupils). Anyone under this age will not be permitted to use any of the equipment (unless given permission by the Fitness Manager).
  8. Members must be suitably dressed to participate in a physical activity session, (trainers, shorts, tracksuit). Members wearing unsuitable clothing (tightly fitting jeans and shirts etc) and footwear (high healed shoes or flip flops) will not be allowed to use the facility. Members will not be allowed to exercise in bare feet.
  9. Members are required to sign in and sign out at the main reception desk in the Fitness Suite.
  10. Members are required to have a photograph taken for a membership card. This membership card should be made available during every visit to the fitness facility.
  11. Members must not be under the influence of illegal substances, alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed by a medical professional). Members must bring any relevant medication that may be required (inhalers, insulin, GTN spray etc.). Members may not be allowed to exercise if they forget to bring their medication.
  12. Between the hours of 2 00 pm and 5 00 pm Gym members must not use the school’s changing rooms. These are likely to be in use by our students. They will be able to use the community hygiene suite located at the bottom of the stairs, this will be on a one in-one out basis.
  13. Members are allowed to use the fitness facility at the following times: Monday to Thursday 2 00 pm- 9 00 pm, Friday 2.00pm-7.00pm, and Saturday to Sunday 9 00 am to 1 00 pm (subject to change with prior notice). Bank holiday opening times will be advertised on the notice boards.
  14. Members who sign up to a monthly membership sign up for an initial one year period. After the 12th payment, the payments will continue until the member cancels the membership with us.
  15. All membership payments must start at the point of joining. All membership fees and personal training sessions are non-refundable.
  16. Members must inform the Fitness Manager if they cancel their monthly payments online. An administration charge of £30.00 will be applied if you choose to cancel before the 12th month.
  17. Between the hours of 2 00 pm and 5 00 pm members entering the site by vehicle are able to use the gate at the front of the school as the main access. The Millfield Terrace entrance is locked during School hours to protect our students.
  18. Outside of school hours, vehicle access is by using the side gate on Millfield Terrace and all vehicles are to obey the one way system.
  19. All valuables are left at the owner’s risk. Members are advised to use the lockers provided.
  20. In order for all members to access all equipment, during busy periods use of the cardiovascular equipment is limited to 30 minutes on any one piece of equipment.
  21. Members are advised to bring a sweat towel and a water bottle.
  22. Members must wipe down machines after use. Members should remove their own sweat, using the paper towels provided, from equipment before moving on to their next exercise. Please leave all equipment as you would hope to find it.
  23. No pets are allowed into the facilities with the exception of Guide Dogs. If you have a guide dog you should let the staff know to expect you so that suitable assistance can be sourced.
  24. We ask that the use of mobile phones whilst exercising in the gym is appropriate and discrete to prevent irritation of other members. Members are advised to refrain from using their mobiles phones whilst exercising on Treadmill machines. Mobile phones should not be used to take photographs of other members in the gym.
  25. Cark parking is limited and spaces cannot be guaranteed on the school site. Members must not park in the play ground area (which is also the evening car park for the sports hall and football pitch) before 4 pm. Please park in designated parking bays and avoid the yellow hashed areas.
  26. Members must obey the speed limit of 5mph on the school site.

Breach of the above terms and conditions could result in your membership being stopped without refund.