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Parents should apply for a place at Carre’s Grammar School via the Local Authority in which they live:

Parents living in Lincolnshire

Parents who live in Lincolnshire should apply via Lincolnshire County Council using their Common Application Form (CAF). Lincolnshire County Council will offer places (if appropriate) to those children who have qualified and who are living within the Lincolnshire area.

Parents living outside of Lincolnshire

Parents who live outside Lincolnshire should apply via their own Local Authority, who will then forward the application to Lincolnshire County Council. Lincolnshire County Council will advise the relevant Local Authority if an offer has been made and it is this Local Authority that will inform the parents.

All places will be allocated in accordance with criteria in our Admissions Policy. Places will only be allocated to those children who have qualified under the school’s testing arrangements, whether this is a co-ordinated admission (move from primary to secondary school) or an in-year admission (admission at any other time). For full details of the school’s testing and admissions arrangements, please contact Mrs Julie Body, PA to Executive Headteacher/Admissions Officer.

Further information is also available in ‘Going to Secondary School in Lincolnshire’ which can be obtained by calling Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782030 or by visiting their website.