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Year 7 September 2024 Student Support Needs Form

We want to ensure that every student makes the best possible start to their education at Carre's. This form is designed to allow parents to flag up any concerns they might have about their son's transition to secondary school. This information will be shared with form tutors so they can support their tutees more effectively. This form will also give you the option to book a meeting with the SENCO on your son's New Intake Evening to discuss specific support needs. The SENCO manages the Student Support team at Carre's.  Mrs Millband (SENCO) and Mr Newell (Head of Year 7).

Transition from Primary School

Once a student has been offered a place to join us in Year 7 we have a very successful process in place to assist with the often daunting transition from primary to secondary school. This takes place over the six months prior to the student joining the school in September.


Place allocated by Local Authority.
Follow up offer letter from Carre’s Grammar School.

Parents are to accept the place offered, both to the Local Authority and the school, within 14 days of the offer being made or risk losing the place.


A letter from the Executive Headteacher is sent to parents welcoming them to the school and detailing future events. Parents are also asked to complete a form to indicate whether there is another child that they wish to have in the same form as their son.

We do our best to fulfil expressed preferences but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet everybody’s requirements.

May All new Year 7 students are visited by a member of Carre’s Grammar School staff at their primary school. This gives our staff the opportunity to discuss any potential issues with the primary school, as well as providing a familiar face to the new student for when he joins the school in September. The boys will also be given a ‘New Boy Pack’ which is full of information about events, uniform, expectations, visits, music lessons etc. There are several forms to be completed and returned to the school, preferably on the New Intake Evening.
End June The New Intake Evenings are usually held on the last Monday and Tuesday in June. This event is for parents and new students and gives the opportunity to meet the form tutor, be fingerprinted for the school’s cashless catering system, and meet members of the administrative and pastoral teams.
Beginning of July 

The New Intake Day is usually the first Friday in July. It is a normal school day and new students should arrive between 8.45am and 9am, and depart at 3.25pm. New students will get the opportunity to have a ‘taster’ lesson in History, Science, PE and Team Building, as well as spend time with their new form tutors and fellow new students.


The school office is open every day during the summer holidays between 9am and 1pm, should new parents or students have any enquiries.

First day of Term

New students arrive between 8.30am and 8.50am. They will be met by the Head of Year and their new form tutors. The tutors will ensure that the students know where to go at the end of the day to catch school transport.

We are confident that new students will quickly settle into their new routine and enjoy the wide range of opportunities we are able to offer. We hope that this will be the start of a very successful seven years at Carre’s Grammar School.

More Information

For more information please contact Mrs Julie Body, PA to Executive Headteacher / Admissions Officer, at the school.